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Nick - Saturday, 20 December 2014 01:02

Hey pug and guests the shelf in inwood customs is badass. anyways do you think you could tell us the story of the 1st time you got stoned, if not that's cool, I will beg the shit out of my pard in accordance 

chooch it Buddy!

TRAPTERracer81 - Friday, 19 December 2014 21:36

pug big big fan .nice job on the shelf cigarette.jus got a tag glass piece.chooches real nice.can i get a doubble j hook from the ollady.chooch it stove pipe.na na na nelson.

J_Helsel - Friday, 19 December 2014 20:25

Hey Pug and Guest!  You should do the story with the pizza with pineapple in St. Thomas please, you'd make my day!  I watch your vehicles like a sort of religion bmp.  Anyways Merry Christmas pal, and keep on cheechin ffs!

Cartman - Friday, 19 December 2014 15:31

Oh ya I forgot to say last night, SPIN THE WHEEL BUD! Lol Im gonna shoot for Red Hot Dab!!

Toemas - Friday, 19 December 2014 07:48

Hey pug and friends big big fan you should tell more jail story's thay are funnier then frig also dig up a big lung oyster and just fuckin fire it at a dirty ol dodge in the next movie  I can't find the movie of you doing it that would be funner then dicks bet you won't and can I get a stove pipe 

Ray - Friday, 19 December 2014 04:30

Hey pug, is Mccoy a virgin? He still dresses like he's 15 ffs.

Opie - Friday, 19 December 2014 04:22

hey buds i put your pliance on the back window of my truck and found that you have alot of fans in the states. i am also a beard enthusiast, how do you maintain such a luscious beard.

Cartman - Friday, 19 December 2014 03:59

Hey pug. Just had a cheech and watched the new episode with Boogs. I like the addition of the wheel. Keep cheechin.

Anthony - Thursday, 18 December 2014 20:41

Ey pug. Let me get a fucking stove pipe!! Spin the wheel bud. also gotta question why do sir jim and vandoodles never cheech?

Dab Meowt - Thursday, 18 December 2014 15:32

It all started with a beet red cock and balls dab. I shit EVERYWHERE completley cocked over my socks program for frog snacks. i begged a thousand pards and smoked a thousand cigrits but nothing seemed to help my pant antler reach full stovepipe chooch in the whitward department. At this point I'm feeling stabby as frig prolly, ready to stab anything in site with my pant antler when out of nowhere a FUCKING DODGE comes flying in at full cigrit right towards my pliance. Buddy in the dodge almost ran me over before I started rapid firing corn from my pee hole at his windshield. Sent him whompus right past the cabbage into the rhubarb fer frig sakes! 


if Buddy van doodle secretly cheeches with you, but can't in movies because he has no legal cigrit, give me a j hook! 

Eric - Thursday, 18 December 2014 10:28

Any more word from Inwood Ninja lately? Is he going to be back in inwoods any time soon?  I BMP if this gets asked alot. 

Rocco - Thursday, 18 December 2014 07:51

Hey pug. Me and my gf valerie have been watchin your movies for about a year now. We got 2 questions. 1 whats your opinion on hippies and also  have you ever done acid? If so, got any funny stories? Anyways Fuck the fire dicks, chooch it, and spin thefucking wheel 3 times for fuck sakes. fuck it its about that time

Mustache - Thursday, 18 December 2014 04:54

Hey Pug, I've always wondered. What's the difference between a duck?

P.S. Bout time you put a link to your old lady's site on your wizawizablingbling!

TensecondDick - Thursday, 18 December 2014 04:29

Oh pug big big fan here. spent the summer watching all yer movies in order and have been enjoying the medicinals along with ya everynight. just bought myself a lil cigrit too but its a 98 f150 in accordance to my old 98 f150 rocked out a nice 475000K before she popped beg my pard. smoke a thousand cigrits and give yerself a spin of the wheel! you wont!

Payton - Thursday, 18 December 2014 03:54

Frig sacks bud im just checkin in from the dirty ole wisconsins. You should friggin play the wheel of cigrits with removable cigrits so that you play till they are all gone so in acordance when your wit word your cattywaupous and done. friggin cheech the ogs buds 

Toemas - Wednesday, 17 December 2014 22:38

Hey pug and friends big big fan you should tell more jail story's thay are funnier then frig also bet you won't dig up a big lung oyster and just fuckin fire it at a dirty ol dodge in the next movie  I can't find the movie of you doing it that would be funner then dicks also can I get a stove pipe 

dinsmore1994 - Wednesday, 17 December 2014 06:49

hey pug, haven't seen polyester in a littlebit!, when is he going to quit and work for inwood customs?   are you going to bring back the 1puglife safety glasses? spin the wheels for me bud! BMP

narp - Wednesday, 17 December 2014 00:00

hey pug love the vids keep em up. Ray should come back for another jump sometime eh? always fun seein the dickerd shit that goes down in inwood .chooch it, tell buddy vandoodle that his beard is awsomer as fuck. can i get a stovepipe!? gurgle gurgle

mike bell - Tuesday, 16 December 2014 23:38

Hey pug, just wondering if I could get a shout out to my bud old pat its his birthday!  Thank ya big time were big big fans

ThadeusP - Tuesday, 16 December 2014 22:21

Oh Dick looks like you dunn go off n built a shanty in a shanty, bmp, Nah bud you old mans a wiz in the woods departments to bad that's what you got fer brains bud, jay Hook and a cheeeeech......get one for me.  Thadeus P.

Ryan710az - Tuesday, 16 December 2014 20:38

Hey pug and guest(s) from sunny Arizona!

I have a couple ideas for your wheel,  we have one here in accordance to getting all my friends dicked that come over and want to get medicated.  Here are a couple we have on ours in the studio.

1- Dabmarine! (smoking a dab and finishing an entire beer, or whatever full drink you have nearby before you blow the smoke out)

2- Iron Lungs (Smoke a massive bong rip and hold it till there is no smoke,  if there is smoke immediately do a dab)

3- Gauntlet (do a dab from every rig we have in the house in a row,  I personally have 5 here lol)

4- StrikeOut (do a dab or bong rip,  take a shot of liquor, then finish a beer and exhale)


Spin the wheel and if it lands on "beet red dab" choose one of the 4 challenges listed above


Keep it medicated budz!


I bills - Tuesday, 16 December 2014 18:12

Hey pug. Big fan here. love all yer vids. Keep choochin and stay medicated there budz.

MR.FUCR - Tuesday, 16 December 2014 17:15

big big fan ,love the movies ,keep cheechin bud ....peace

Trevor - Tuesday, 16 December 2014 01:59

Whats up pug big fan! Friggen rights love watching your show every day. Keep cheechin

jeff the big dreamer - Monday, 15 December 2014 20:16

Hey pug been wondering when you are going to be doing epic jumps with RNLCs. And can i get a cheech for my friend tony he has been off the buds for a while now and I'm starting to think he might be going senile. Also use a dice to see how many times to spin the wheel. Thanks and keep cheeching

Steve Light - Monday, 15 December 2014 13:39

Friggin rights boys, BIG BIG fan, just want to say keep up the everyday dickerdness and the shenanigans. Got an ider for the triangles. Do a strike out! You have to hit a bowl then a shot of liquor and gurgal a beer down then blow out the smoke. Think you could do it ? YOU WONT!!!!!!!!!  anywerds can I get a shout out to my brother BILL from Everett. he's a big big fan too and he will loose it if he hears that! Anyways KEEP CHEECHING BOYS ! Steve Light From Alliston

Dick Nibbler - Monday, 15 December 2014 06:05

Hi Pug, Big Big fan, Just got done watching your video with that guy everyone hates because hes a douche , BMP, anywords it occurs to me that if people want to spin the wheel of dickerdness then you should have to do what it says, no respins , FFS, chooch it buddy. 

don - Monday, 15 December 2014 04:33

hey i was wondering witch you like better the bong hit or the dabs

konrad - Monday, 15 December 2014 03:35

hey pug, how many times do you medicate a day? chooch it

Pickles - Monday, 15 December 2014 01:22

Hey Pug! Matter for yourself? Whilst choochulating the Beet Red fellas all a dick really has to do is blendy blendy some ice or grab a cockful of dirty ol inwood snow and stuff it in the stem-ward department, Son of a man's dick beg my pard n then we cheeched. Also a couple idea's for the wheel:
-roach bowl 
-pen chooch
so anywords i do beg my pard for that but give it a shot BUD i think you'll enjoy the tasty tasty terpanoids of the ice bong 

Jims Kernal - Sunday, 14 December 2014 19:08

Pug, here's an idea for a triangle, when you land on it you sing a new verse to the poop in dere song.

Can we get a stovepipe from your ol lady?

Sam5337 - Sunday, 14 December 2014 17:41

friggin rights big big fan of the thc! what happend to breathing antler mike? CAN I GET A STOVE PIPE all the way froms dirty old england BMP408

Outdoorsman1944 - Sunday, 14 December 2014 17:23

Just wanted to drop in and say hey cuz I haven't been on the thc in a while, and could I get a close up of a dirty o'l bottle toke, also could Joshua light up a cegrit an suck in long as he can.

amputato - Sunday, 14 December 2014 14:04

good evening pug and all, 


the mausoleum looks awesome, gonna have to cheech up there sometime.  i'm trying to think up some idears for the wheel...

"guest's choice" should be one,

"blindfold taste test" where the guest feeds you a dab from your stash while you are blindfolded and you guess which batch of hash it was, maybe with a crazy penalty for wrong guesses (?),

"twainus tapeworm" drop a big fuckin worm on the nail,

"sprinkles!" dip your dab in a pile of dusty fellers 


thats all i got fer nows, i think the ones you dread landing on should be removed to keep it fun, BMP.

ps - got the hat you sent to wOttawa, thx bud!

pps - loved the strain review episode, love to see more, very helpful!




The Dilly - Sunday, 14 December 2014 06:26

Here's some suggestions for the wheel

Dirty Bong Hoot - Set up a bong that you never clean, take a hoot from it.

Apple Toke - Smoke a bowl through an apple.

Beer Can Toke - Grab one of Pauliester's scusting empties and fire one up

Edibles - Have the Ol'Lady whip up a batch of brownies

Roach Pick - Pick a grub from the jar and fire it up, you won't



fuck a mans anoose - Sunday, 14 December 2014 02:30

spin the wheel! You won't! How's shit going buddy? When is a good time to stop by and get ripped on canabinoids? Take care man get I get a stovepipe?

hockeymantom - Saturday, 13 December 2014 22:51

My ol lady would prolly watch your ole lady's channel, cooking for the redneck, but she's deaf. Could yer ole lady add captions cigrits onto the vid or in the perscription maybe? I'd love my ol lady to make me some of those sandies i see sonetines. I totally beg my pard tho. Love your moobies big time. Cheech

TurtleJohn - Saturday, 13 December 2014 21:10

Sittin here watchun u chooch on the thc channel. got the torch goin on the bong lightin it up. man crazy this ceral good too, costco rulez, luv ur videoz, give the wheel a spin for me, gurgle chooch big tynes hahahaha frig sack

Terps McSlurpin - Saturday, 13 December 2014 19:34

You were so dicker'd last time you read one of my messages. I have ideas for triangles for the wheel. Make each triangle a single thing; toke, dab, beet red, dabbers choice, positive vibes, etc. Then make one small section a spin twice, and one small section skip-a-dick.

Opie - Saturday, 13 December 2014 19:27

Hey bud big big fan BIG BIG dodge fan bmp. Me and my cousin are building a trapter all because of your vids witch are awesome.ps get buddy stoned till he shits his socks for fuck sakes stay classy chooch it.

cal - Saturday, 13 December 2014 16:23

chooch it

Justin - Saturday, 13 December 2014 13:53

Hi Pug, 

Loving the new cheech wheel idea! To say thanks for the great vibes I always get from your show, here are some more ideas for some triangles that aren't going to put you on your ass every spin! Instead of 8 triangles, maybe add 10-12 and make half sized triangles for ones like "cock and balls dabs" Also, might be a good idea to just spin the wheel once or twice so that every dick isn't requesting this or thatwords.

Here you go! I threw in the ones I really like from your wheel now too:

use the biggest rig on the table, smallest rig on the table, medicinal cigrit, Dab and sing a 1pug jingle, break your dab off with your eyes closed, Positive vibes, cheech and a gurgle , hold it for 10 seconds, Cherrybomb (put dab onto cherried bowl of green), hashes and weeds together, bowl of green, vape the weeds or hashes, double cheech (1 breath), cock and balls dab, guests pick (anything on the wheel)   

...and then we cheeched 


Justin (Mississauga) 



Dick Nibbler - Saturday, 13 December 2014 08:39

hey Pug, big big fan, I have a couple Ideas for the wheel of dickerdnes, 1 take a dab and spin again,  2 smoke a whole flower bowl in one toke, 3 do a dabmarine, 4 do a huge dab,  thanks buddy, chooch it !

jasper - Saturday, 13 December 2014 06:26

hey pug, i was wondering if you had any funny prison stories.

do guys actually get stovepiped in there, or is that just an old wives tale?


I might have to do sometime in accordance to not pissin clear on the probation, not sure whats going to happen yet.

do you have any advise for me if i go in there? i really don't want to get stovepiped. i was thinking maybe i should just start a fight with the biggest dude in there on my first day... problem is im only 155 pounds 6 feet tall.

i just hope not not locked up with murderers and shit... that would be fucked!

anywerds let me know.

and beg my pard.

josh ellyson - Saturday, 13 December 2014 04:35

Here's some shit for your wheel of Dickerdness 

1. Bottle rip

2. Bucket rip

3. 1/2 gram low temp dab

4. Take a dab then have someone blow you a shotgun

5. Shotgun up the dirty ol nostril

6. Take a dab and hold till no smoke is left

7. Clear full bowl of the og's in one hit

8. Take a dab then a shotgun then a bong rip all in a row

But anyway I love the shows and when is the next big jump?

Tarl Johnson - Saturday, 13 December 2014 04:11

Hey pug too many spins vid funny as fuck. Should add a eat a cookie triangle to that wheel. YOU WONT. Friggin wheel is hard on gear but bud its funnier as frig. Stovepipe 

Kief'n Them Softly - Saturday, 13 December 2014 03:56

Hey Pug Big Big Fan, Please take the sticker off the TAG plliance in accordance.. you would not leave a dirty old sticker on a racing trapter...

gummo - Friday, 12 December 2014 23:28

pug, big big fan of the shows. dying to know what happened with the roof, final solution?



Joe Hellas - Friday, 12 December 2014 21:16

Hey there Pug, Pugs ole lady and guests,

 Been a big fan for long times, and amazed at all the dickerness you guys get up too.  I was just wondering if you could please explain what the concentrates are(dabs)..and how they are made.  Cuz that sure doesnt look like the hashes that i smoked.  can I get a STOVEPipe.  No red hot dabs, those don;t look like they have the positive vibes.

B-Rock - Friday, 12 December 2014 08:45

Positive vibes sent your way my friend!  I watch and like your vids on both channels as soon as they're out,been watching for years now first time commenting! Try a half N half dab, take half a dabs worth of 2 different turpy oils, put both on one dabber and hit the positive vibes, turpfest for fuck sakes! Keep up the videos, the wheels awesome! chooch it! -B-Rock